This project explores the relationship between Aaron and his carer Thema. Aaron is a 22 year-old who was diagnosed with severe autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) at a young age, rendering him non-verbal and epileptic. His carer Thema - a 23 year-old graduate of psychology from North London - assists the pre-school routine every morning from Monday to Friday and is scheduled to care for Aaron after school on three further occasions. While addressing a number of issues surrounding autism such as communication, repetitive behaviours and social interaction, the principal aim of this story is to challenge the infantile perspectives wider society attributes to neurodiverse individuals. The photo essay hopes to contribute to the visual understanding of the day-to-day of adults with autism By picturing Aaron’s daily schedule as a young adult, highlighted by the dynamics of his relationship with Thema, a non-autistic individual at a similar stage in her life.

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